Who We Are

We are Sensineer. Based in Amsterdam, we design and build innovative FMCG products that precisely match the needs of real people all over the world. Operating as a new product incubator, we are constantly asking the question, “how can we make this work better for you?”

Our Mission

We want everyone to be able to find their holy grail products, without having to create their own makeshift hacks.

Our Focus

We explore the needs of specific, often-overlooked market segments, and precision-engineer solutions to match their unique requirements.

Direct to Consumer

Because we sell direct to consumers, we develop an ongoing dialogue with them, which gives us valuable data on how to constantly refine and improve our products.

Markets Overview

As a Dutch company, we typically launch our products in the Netherlands, before expanding further afield. Currently, we have a presence in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Our Team

We are an agile team with a collective entrepreneurial spirit, passionate about creating exceptional products supported by data-driven insights.

Tony Stark
Stephen Strange
The gatekeeper
Bruce Banner
UI/UX Designer
Stephen Strange Copy
The gatekeeper
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Our Brands

We market each of our product lines under its own label. Here are our current product lines:


Smoovall is our very first brand. Our Skin Contact Spray is the world’s first 100% invisible anti-chafing spray.

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Blositive, our 2nd brand, caters to female consumers who experience pimples and mild acne through a focused portfolio of clean skincare products.

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Media Coverage

Our products have caught the attention of world-class press publications, from ELLE to the London Evening Standard.

Two bottles of £15 anti-chafe spray sell every minute

United Kingdom
August 31, 2019

We May be coming to the end of summer, but the last few days of sun have still left us suffering in the chafing department. If you've experienced "chub rub" in areas such as your thighs or underarms, a £15 anti-chafing spray may be your new best friend.

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Best anti-chafing products: The creams, shorts and sprays to stop chafing now

United Kingdom
August 1, 2019

A great spray-and-go option, Smoovall’s skin contact spray comes in a travel-friendly 100ml can making it ideal for stowing in hand luggage for plane journeys as well as tucking in your handbag for daily use. Simply spritz chafe-prone areas with the spray (I tried it on the top of each inner thigh) when getting dressed in the morning, and enjoy smooth comfort until lunch time.

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Best men’s cycling shorts to join the elite peloton

United Kingdom
May 17, 2020

The key to comfortable cycling shorts is in their padding, and the most important area is that which comes into contact with the bike’s saddle, otherwise known as the chamois. If you’re going to opt for the baggier style without a chamois-fitted Lycra short underneath, you could consider using a spray to prevent chafing, such as that from Smoovall.

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Das könnte dir jetzt gegen wunde Oberschenkel im Sommer helfen

June 8, 2018

Grundsätzlich kommen wir mit Reibungen gut klar. Nur im Sommer nerven sie. Besonders wenn es darum geht, dass die Oberschenkel beim ausgedehnten Shoppingbummel aneinander reiben. Doch jetzt gibt es ein Produkt, das Abhilfe schaffen soll und den Sommer ganz ohne Aua vergehen lassen könnte. Smoovall ist ein Hautkontakt-Spray, das die Haut mit einer unsichtbaren und atmungsaktiven Schutzschicht vor Scheuerstellen bewahrt.

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Scheuernde Oberschenkel: Ist dieses innovative Spray die Lösung?

July 2, 2019

Eine Start-up-Idee, die wirklich nützlich ist: Das Unternehmen Smoovall hat einen innovativen Hautkontakt-Spray entwickelt, der die Haut vor Scheuerstellen und Irritationen – wie sie im Sommer oft an den Innenseiten der Oberschenkel entstehen – schützt.

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Beauty must have: Smoovall, de spray die écht beschermt tegen schuurplekken

July 30, 2018

Elke zomer heb ik hetzelfde probleem: wanneer het warm weer is en ik een kleedje of rok draag, liggen mijn dijen 's avonds open omdat ze constant tegen elkaar schuren. Toen ik vorige maand een busje Smoovall toegestuurd kreeg, was mijn interesse dan ook meteen gewekt. De spray belooft immers maar liefst vier (!) uur lang bescherming te bieden tegen schuurplekken.

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